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Download pdf catalogue EKU WOODART TT THERMOPLUS 98

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Aluminum profiles

We offer all the systems produced by the Italian company PROFILATI (Bologna).

On stock, for immidiate delivery, we have:

  • EKU WOODART TT THERMOPLUS 98 series - aluminum + wood,  
  • EKU AS TT - lift and slide systems, both in aluminum and in aluminum + wood,
  • EKU VERANDA - accordion system for folding positions in aluminum without thermalbreak.

All other suppliers of accessories, seals, gaskets, corner joints, couplings, polyamide profiles are top Italian and world well-known manufacturers.




Aluminum hardware

Concerning the aluminum windows, doors and other structures, the biggest trust and proven quality are earned by Italian manufacturers. It's mostly Euro-Groove fitting, although they have a lot of hardware that is universal. Recently, some domestic Serbian and Turkish producers improved significantly their quality and product range in this field.








PVC hardware

Since 2006, we are recognizable to our customers and on the market by the excellent Turkish hardware for PVC windows and doors. In addition to the low price, the fittings are in very high quality, which is confirmed by the large number of certificates obtained in almost all Western European and Eastern European institutes. Of course, there are also famous German and Italian manufacturers of PVC and wood fittings.



Universal fittings

By this, we mean fittings that can be installed on aluminum, PVC, wooden, steel joinery. These are cylinders, small mortise locks, three-point and multi-point locks, locking plates, wasistas mechanisms – mechanical in many variations and electric openers, door closers, card readers, door handles, etc. Also, we offer all types of tilt-sliding, accordeon and lift and slide mechanisms for specific opening.



Antipanic mechanisms

According to all standards and normes, each public building must have at least one evacuation exit - the door that opens outwards with a mechanism that just allows this opening in conditions of panic, power failure, fire, smoke, big crowd, and similar emergencies. For many years we have been selling such mechanisms and we are also recognizable of them. 




Domatic mechanisms

This has already become a synonym for the mechanical mechanism which, when the door closes, comes out from the lower horizontal sash and provides sealing and breathing when there is no threshold (fire-proof doors, smoke-proof doors, entrance doors, doors in hospitals, doors in hotels, etc.).




Automation and motors

Each day the necessity for various openers and motors is increasing. They help and ease  open and close of different typologies – wasistas windows, dome windows, roof windows, curtain wall windows, rolling shutters, jalousies, sun shades, sliding and folding gates, garage doors, ramps, etc....