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DND PRO company

We're engaged in import, wholesale and retail of all parts and elements necessary for the production of windows and doors, as well as all other constructions of aluminum and PVC profiles.

Many years of duration and work, with great experience and practical knowledge, places us at the top of the suppliers market in Serbia, always ready to cope with the biggest challenges. The confirmation of our good and quality work is a large number of satisfied and regular customers all over Serbia, EX-YU countries, the Balkans, Italy, Europe ...

From the beginning, we tried to make a wide range of products and to make a selection of products from world well known and recognized suppliers and manufacturers, to meet all the requirements and criteria of our customers, as well as high standards and norms of our construction industry, European markets, and wider.

The top product features and the right technical solutions easily meet the high demands of ecology, energy efficiency, rigorous European and world standards.

Achieving the lowest possible thermal conductivity coefficient and recieving high energy ratings for various systems and series of aluminum and PVC constructions, confirm the numerous tests at the world's top institutes for testing materials and raw materials, and certificates that have been obtained there already.

Everyday learning, finding new information and intensive exchange of this information with customers and suppliers, solving technical problems, ''reinventing hot water'', allows us to increase constantly and grow together with our customers, which is the biggest reward for the hard work and big effort we involved.

In addition to basic services, we also provide services of technical development, engineering, consulting, expertise, service, consultations, thermal-bridge assembling on aluminum profiles and many other services.